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Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Showings

  • Wash all windows inside and out
  • Keep the home picked up regularly
  • Clean hardwood floors with a buffer or high gloss polish
  • Keep carpets vacuumed on a regular basis
  • Make beds
  • Paint the front door if needed
  • Remove and put away laundry items
  • Spruce up the front entrance and walkway for good first impressions
  • Remove or reduce and extra furniture so all rooms will have a spacious feel
  • Make sure all rooms have light, neutrally painted walls
  • Open all blinds and draperies when property is shown
  • Turn on all lights for showings
  • Turn off all radios, television sets and music during showings
  • Remove jewelry and other important items prior to showings
  • Replace all light bulbs
  • Grease any squeaky doors or doorknobs
  • Take a whiff and make sure your home smells fresh for showings
  • Make sure the lawn and any non-pasture areas are mowed and free of overgrowth and weeds.
  • Replace any obvious wear and tear or horse damage, such as broken boards.
  • Consider the amount of mud on the property, and try to minimize animal impact on fields. Grassy fields look best!
  • Remove any unnecessary clutter, keep barn aisles, tack room, feed room and outbuildings tidy.
  • Make sure all light fixtures work, and have lightbulbs
  • Groom any riding areas, such as arenas or round pens.
  • Remember that you want a prospective buyer to envision their family and their horses in this space, so minimizing personal property is helpful.